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Photo Restoration Services

If you have a treasured family photo laying around that you thought would never be the same again - don't give up on it. We can work wonders on an old photograph to make it look as good - and often even better - than it originally did.

Old photographs come to us in all kinds of conditions and states of deterioration or disrepair. Restoring these photos requires a combination of an artistic eye and technology to maintain the integrity of the original subject while correcting the problems of an aged or damaged photograph.

We take great pride in transforming a vintage photograph from "before" to "after". We believe in treating it as if it were our very own.
Below is one example of a photograph thought to be beyond repair.

This photograph of the Chichizola Store in Amador City, California was taken in the late 1880's. The subjects can barely be discerned in this image.


With careful control of exposure corrections, grain clean up, cropping, some image reconstruction and more, here is the final result.

This is just one example of what we can do for your vintage photograph. We can work from either the print or the negative.
(Scroll to the bottom of the page for another example.)

Our services can be as straightforward as cropping, exposure & lighting corrections or removing unwanted elements, such as scratches. Or, it can involve a great deal of repair and image reconstruction, as in the example above

Either way, if you have a valued photograph that you would like to bring back to life, we can work with you to achieve the desired results at a cost less than you might expect. And your satisfaction with the final result is guaranteed.

"How do I get the photo or negative to you ?"
There are several ways to do this.
1.) Local pick up
We can arrange to pick up the photo from you in the Jackson, Sutter Creek, Pine Grove area.
Email us for more info.
2.) Mail
You can UPS it or USPS the photo or negative to our studio.
Click here to email us for our mailing address.
3.) Email
If you are able to scan the image, you can email it to us as an attachment. Also, many of  the local print shops can scan it for you for a nominal fee.
Please scan photos at a minimum of 300 dpi and up to 600 dpi for best results.
Negatives should be scanned at a minimum 2400 dpi.
We are available to walk you through the scanning process via email or over the phone for all the best settings, if needed.

Our rates
Our rates for restoring a photo are as follows and includes 1 - 8x10 or 2- 5x7's:
Light Restoration - Some white or black spots, light scratches, grainy, photo in need of lighting enhancements: $29
Moderate Restoration - a few creases, some larger scratches, spotting or discoloration: $39 - 49.
Heavy Restoration - many creases, tears, some subject matter missing, discoloration, etc. (The Chichizola Store, above, is an example of Heavy Restoration): $59 - 69.

Even with as much confidence as we have in our photo restoration abilities, we also realize that some photos just cannot be "revived". If this is the case, we will let you know up front.

Extra prints after the initial print:
- 8x10: $10 ea.
- 5x7: $7 ea. or increments of 2 @ $5 ea.

We will price the actual restoration work up front, upon examination of the photograph. We don't believe in springing any surprises on you with the price, just on the final results.

Other size prints are available, even up to poster size.
The restored image can also be put on CD for an additional $9.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Here is another example. This is the Columbo Saloon in Jackson, taken about 1894:


Historical Amador County

After Restoration:

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Photo Restoration Services