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F Vintage Photographs of the Past
F Photo Restoration Services
F Vintage-Look T-Shirts, Hats, Tote Bags & more.
F Vintage Photo Post Cards & Greeting Cards
F Old Time Portraits

Pastimes Photography offers a unique way of "visiting the past" through photography and graphic design.
Our business offers five distinct, yet related services:

1.) Vintage Photographs of the Past:
Our area's rich history has produced many wonderful photographs documenting it's past. We take great pride in restoring these old photos that we have gotten from the Amador County Archives, local families and the Library of Congress.

With our careful restoration techniques and attention to maintaining the integrity of the original print, we bring these photos back to life again.

These restored photos are then matted and framed as "vintage art for modern walls".
Custom framing is available.

2.) Photo Restoration:
We also provide photo restoration service to our customers who provide their own photographs. If you have an old family photograph in need of help, we can almost always restore it to its original quality and provide reprints in almost any size.
Click on the "Photo Restoration" links for more information.

3.) Old Time Portraits:
Using period costumes of the late 1800's, props, and our exclusive computer-generated photographic techniques, we will make it look like you've stepped back in time.

We use a unique "special effects" technique similar to that used in filmmaking which realistically puts you into a fun selection of Old West or Victorian themed backgrounds.
Choose from a fun selection of backgrounds that include a stagecoach, cantina, wild west street scene and much more.

The final result is a portrait that looks like you've stepped back in time. It's fun, a great value and we do it all while you wait.

4.) Distinctive Greeting Cards and Post Cards
Our line of Greeting Cards and Post Cards are created with vintage local photographs. They're more than just a card and they can be framed and collected.
Each location specializes in scenes of their town to avoid duplication. You'll find something different at each location.

Currently available at:

  • Sutter Creek Ice Cream Emporium
  • Hein & Company Used and Rare Books, Jackson
  • Sutter Ridge Winery, Sutter Creek
  • The Imperial Hotel, Amador City
  • Buffalo Chips Emporium, Amador City
  • The Miner's Pick, Amador City
  • Mel and Faye's Diner, Jackson
  • Putz & Murphy, Amador City
  • Jackson True Value
  • Kesler's Mercantile at the Jackson Casino (exclusively carrying our newest line of Greeting Cards and 6 pack Post Cards assortment).
  • Click here for more information. 

5.) Unique line of vintage-look T-shirts, "Hoodies", Ball Caps, Ladies Visors, Chef's Aprons and Tote Bags.
These great-looking, high quality items show off  Amador County's historical past with iconic images of our area.

Currently available at:

  • Jackson True Value  (currently our biggest and best selection available).
  • Sutter Creek Ice Cream Emporium
  • The Imperial Hotel, Amador City
  • Kessler's Mercantile
    ... more retailers to be added soon.

Please check back soon for a link to our new line!

Living in this area with a rich and colorful history, the past is always with us. Pastimes Photography believes in keeping this past alive through photography.


Keeping the Historical Past Alive with Vintage Photography, Graphic Design and Apparel.