Pastimes Vintage Photography


What We Do

Being a lover of history, photography and graphic arts, it seemed a natural to combine these into a unique niche business we call "Pastimes Photography".

This venture of ours began primarily with doing photo restoration of vintage, historic photos of the Amador County area. We then framed and matted these photos for others who also enjoyed keeping history alive through vintage photographs.
We obtain these vintage photographs from the Amador County archives, local families and the Library of Congress.
Each one is carefully and authentically restored and enhanced to rejuvenate them from their original condition.
Each photograph is then uniquely matted and framed to create "vintage art for modern walls".

We also offer these same photograph restoration services to our customers for their own photographs. Let us bring a treasured old photo of your own back to life.

What's New
We have now expanded our services to include Old Time Portraits. We create a distinctive and unusually fun photo by using a unique "green screen" technique that can put you in many different kinds of "old west" scenes not possible with a traditional indoor studio. With our great selection of props and costumes, it will look like you were really there.

We take great pride in offering Old Time Portraits that are a cut above many others. These are not mere "amusement photos".

Introduced in 2008. We introduced a new line of Greeting Cards and Post Cards created with vintage local photographs. See more here.
These cards are available at several locations throughout the county.
We have also created a line of "Sketch Art Cards" that are sketch renderings of these historical photos. These are available in the large size as an "each" in a clear sleeve. Or we also make them in a 5"x7"note card size in a clear gift box of 6 with envelopes.

Introduced in 2009. Well, we just keep on coming up with new ideas and products. Our line of vintage-look T-Shirts, Tote Bags, Chef's Aprons and Ball Caps have been a gratifyingly big hit! Folks love to let others know where they're from and they're popular with tourists. too.

Please explore our site to learn more about the Vintage Photography and graphic art services that we have to offer.


What We Do